DIY Car Repair Tips

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Been tired of paying heavy bills at repair shops for even the simplest repairs that your Car need?

Well, here are some DIYs for your Car that will help you manage your budget and time.

  1. How to Change Your Brake Pads?

One might get scared while messing with the Brake Pads but fixing these, is easy and inexpensive that will otherwise in a repair shop cost you hundreds or maybe more.

Now the things you will require will be a wheel lug wrench, other basic wrenches, pliers, a set of jack stands as it is much more reliable than only a jack as it may fail when you are under a car.

Thus, a new set of brake pads will cost you $20 to $40 based on your car and the material of the pads which on the other hand would have cost you up to $250 per axle.

Now the method is simple. The first step includes taking off the wheel, followed by removing the hardware, then remove the old worn out pads. Now with the caliper piston push in and install new pads and fix the hardware back in its place. Now you have changed your old brake pad of one wheel. Despite your first time doing this, you can finish it in an hour.

This new set of brake pads should be checked every 10,000 miles and it will last between 30,000 to 50,000 miles. You should go for another replacement set when the brake pad thickness is below 2mm – 3mm.

  1. How to Change Your Oil?

For changing the oil of your car without the help of a mechanic you must follow these steps. Lift the car with the help of a car floor jack from the lift points, use jack stands or cribs to ensure safety. Use a container for catching old oil under the oil pan, which by removing the drain plug will move into the container. Place the drain plug back after cleaning it, which, it appears to be damaged must be replaced. Remove the previous oil filter by placing a new spin-on filter onto the base and tighten it until the seal ring of the spin-on filter connects with the base then give a half turn to it. Beware of over tightening.

Now clean the base of the oil filter and start reinstalling the new oil filter and follow the method of spin-on filter installation. Now ensure the reinstalling of the oil drain plug and fill the engine with new oil. Now dispose of the old oil with care and appropriate measures.

  1. Replacing Your Air Filter

It is typically the simplest DIY. Normally you pay $150 for it, but a typical air filter costs from $15-$20 in a retail store but depending on the model of your car.

In most cases, you just have to open the air filter housing and swap out the old for the new one and replace the screws and tons of your money is saved.