Best Time To Replace Your Car Engine Oil

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One of the basic car maintenance activities is to change the engine oil of your vehicle. Changing oil on the car manufacturer’s recommendation is one of the most important things you can do to have a long running engine. Apart from these basic suggestions, here we are going to give you some tips to check your engine oil for a smooth running vehicle. The engine oil helps to cool down, clean and to protect your engine parts and to keep it moving. However, the lubrication properties of engine oil do not last long and it needs to be changed over time. It can also negatively affect your vehicle and decrease the efficiency of the engine. There are some easy tips and tricks which help to find out the time to change your engine oil.

The funniest thing I’ve ever heard was from my massage therapist who said she considers the body like a car and that the body is the car, the heart is the engine and the oil is the blood.  And without making sure you take care of the oil, the car or your body will stop working properly. Now I can’t get a massage or change my oil without laughing.

Check oil level

Check the level of oil regularly for its maximum performance with the help of a dipstick present in the engine. Most dipsticks are marked at minimum and maximum level points to check the oil level in the engine. Make sure oil must not reach the minimum given mark of the engine.

Check the color of the oil

It is one of the essential steps to check the color of oil to know the right time of oil replacement. The fresh oil looks light brown and transparent when time passes its color becomes darker and darker and it ultimately loses its transparency. When the engine oil becomes thick and black in color then immediately change your engine oil.

How many miles you have covered

This is another important factor that determines the time to change your vehicle oil. According to some myths, you should change your engine oil after 3000 miles. However, with modern technology and synthetic engines, this criteria has been changed a lot. Different vehicle companies recommend different numbers to replace oil for the smooth performance of your vehicle.

Quality of engine oil

You might have seen that sometimes you refill oil and vehicle indicator keeps on showing minimum oil level. This consistent drop down of engine oil may be due to the reduction in the lubrication ability of your engine oil. Your vehicle uses more oil due to a decrease in lubrication.

Engine noise

If your engine oil loses its lubrication ability, your engine will make a weird noise. It may be due to friction in parts of the engine. The problem can cause major damage to your vehicle if not addressed. This is the time to immediately replace your engine oil.

Indicator light to change the oil

These days, many of the modern vehicles have the light indicator which informs the times of replace of engine oil. Most of the manufactures set the recommended time interval to help the owner, of changing the engine oil. You must remember to reset the oil replacement indicator after changing the oil of your vehicle to know correct readings every time.